33rd UCR UPMC 2024

*Presentation files can be downloaded as PDF by clicking the title (in progress)


Plenary Session

  • The importance of temperature to pest biology by Arthur Appel, Auburn University

  • Pesticide laws and regulations by Daniel Delgado, Riverside County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office

  • Regulatory update by Kathy Boyle


General Pest Session

  • The potential of the oothecal parasitoid Aprostocetus hagenowii as a biological control agent for the Turkestan cockroach, Blatta lateralis: can parasitoids and cockroach gel baits work together? by Arthur Appel, Auburn University

  • Rodenticide Research by Niamh Quinn, Human-Wildlife Interactions Advisor, UCCE Orange County

  • What is a Vector Control District?  Who we are and what we do by Adena Why, Acting Chief, Alameda County Vector Control Services District

  • Bed bug entrapment surface - initial findings from the field, and its potential use for bed bug IPM by Catherine Loudon, UC Irvine

  • Insecticide resistance:  overview, mechanisms, and perspectives on management by Shao-Hung (Dennis) Lee, UC Riverside

  • Low-impact management for urban pest ants:  two biorational approaches by Dong-Hwan Choe, UC Riverside


Wood-Destroying Organism (WDO) Session

  • Using bait systems for subterranean termite control in CA by Andrew Sutherland, Integrated Pest Management Advisor, UCCE Alameda County

  • Chitin Synthesis Inhibitors for Drywood Termite Control by Nicholas Poulos, UC Riverside

  • Termite Inspection Protocols by Terry Singleton, Termite Terry Pest Control, Inc

  • WDO Update by Kathy Boyle

  • Identification and biology of non-termite WDOs by Dong-Hwan Choe, UC Riverside

  • Management of subterranean termites using liquid termiticides by Chow-Yang Lee, UC Riverside
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