ENTM010 class from Spring 2023



ENTM010 Natural History of Insects

ENTM010 class from Spring 2023
Photo of ENTM010 class in Spring 2023


Offered in Spring quarter (odd years)

Course outline

ENTM010 Natural History of Insects, 4 units, Lecture, 3 hours; demonstrations, 1 hour. A study of the fascinating world of insects and of their impact on man; designed for non-entomology majors. Living and preserved insects and many other visual aids are used. 

This class is taken by students from many different majors. Here is a word cloud showing different majors of my students from Spring 2021.

Majors of ENTM010 students from 2021

Below are word clouds generated with the student course evaluation responses from Spring 2021 and Spring 2023.

ENTM010 word cloud from 2021
ENTM010 word cloud from 2023


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